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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bloggers... Got FeedBurner?

It's free and easy and full of tricks.  Very impressive for one who doesn't know diddly about "RSS" and "Atom" and "syndicating." 

FeedBurner handles all that for you, and they even give you this spiffy button...

MAAMAW'S BLOG... Check It Out!

Oh, and while you're thinking along these lines... I'm sure you already know about Pingomatic, yes?

OH WOW!!  Will miracles never cease? 

I was feeling testy because Pingomatic is called PingoMATIC and it isn't automatic at all... you have to go there yourself and ping.  But guess what?  It had remembered all my information, and all I had to do was click "SUBMIT" (it's pretty hard to complain about that) --

PLUS, one of the places it pings is FeedBurner, so unless I'm missing something, you don't have to go to FeedBurner every time you make a change (I could be wrong about that).

Eee gads... SO much to learn!!



P.S. Just dropping by a couple of hours later to tell you I pinged through Pingomatic and it did not update my FeedBurner; I had to go there and update manually, but again, only about three clicks and no big deal.  (Just wanted to let you know so you don't think you're pinged when you aren't.  Best not to take my word for anything technical!)

P.S. Again: Well, here it is a week later, and I'm dropping by to say, "I told you not to listen to me about anything technical!!"  I have since learned that you do not need to PING at all!  Pingomatic says, "Hey, you!  There's been a change!  Spider me now!"  Each place does it on their own schedule, and Pingomatic alerts them, but if you do nothing, you will still get updated.  (In fact, all that pinging apparently uses up bandwidth, which I gather is bad for us all.)  And that's all I know.