MaaMaw's Morsels

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Procrastinators: The One-Item To-Do List

I just wanted to take a second to share the only other tip that has helped me make a dent in my 47-page to-do list.  (I'm serious... I keep it in a notebook with nice neat little tabs because it makes me feel "in control" to write things down, but I never actually do anything on my list; I think I might be nuts, but that's another blog.)

(We're talking about the things you just can't seem to get done -- not the daily stuff like feeding your kids, watering the dog, stocking the refrigerator, etc.  You understand that, right?)

I heard this on a radio-shrink show, and it really works (at least it does for me).

Make your to-do lists, sort them, rewrite them, put them on little cards -- whatever it takes to keep you from going insane -- but then PUT THEM AWAY.

I'm talking out of SIGHT, and out of MIND.

Tonight, take out your list, and write ONE THING on a nice clean piece of paper.  Put it where your useless "to-do" list doesn't live anymore (because you hid it, remember?).

Tomorrow -- gasp! -- do it!

Tonight -- find your big list, cross off that one thing, and pick another to put on a nice clean piece of paper for tomorrow.

For me, the fear was that everything would take too long -- but y'know, scratching off 7 things a week is 7 more than I was scratching off before.