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Monday, February 14, 2005

Wedding Photo Biz

Don Alm stopped by Friends In Business to tell Randy how to triple his wedding photo business.

True, this is very specialized and I doubt many wedding photographers are reading MaaMaw's Morsels right now, but Don's advice is always SO good, and if you dust off the old thinking cap, you can often learn something from it even if it doesn't apply to you directly.



P.S. If the link takes you to "No Message," it's because it has rolled into Ye Olde Archives; just go back and type archive1/ into the URL right after board1/ and it should pop right up.

P.S. Again: Don had more to say later.  Be sure to read Randy's reply, followed by Don's "Nope" message about how you can't just be the best; you have to set yourself apart from the best with a Unique Selling Advantage.  (Whatever business you're in, listen to this man; he really knows his stuff, and although he's an off-line wonder, his principles can be applied to online businesses too, well duh.)

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