MaaMaw's Morsels

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

WELCOME... and what am I doing here?

What I know about blogging you can write on the pulpy side of your thumb. I can't even say I've learned by example, since I never read the bloomin' things. So, as usual, I'll just jump right in and see which end of my personal self I land on.

This little blog is an attempt to resurrect my old newsletter, "The Boardwatch."

While I struggle to turn years of "dabbling" into a full-time income, I'm spending ungodly amounts of time surfing the best biz and marketing boards, reading how-to articles, and checking out web site tools -- all in a desperate attempt to get myself back up to speed. By sharing the best of the best, I hope to keep my head from exploding.

And I confess... I miss being in the thick of things. I dearly loved zipping across the waves screeching, "MAAMAW SURFS SO YOU DON'T HAVE TOOOOOOOOOO!!" (I'll spare you the visual, but if you get out at all, you'll see it soon enough.) (I'm the buxom little broad in the pink polka-dot bathing suit.)

I hope you find something useful here!