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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Newbies... One Guy's Bad Experience

Kiddies, this tale of woe happens to refer to Emerald Passport.  It could be any one of a bzillion "opportunities."

They all promise to lead you to financial independence and Porsches and Villas on the Italian Riviera.  They're more likely to lead you straight to bankruptcy court.

Don't dismiss this guy's friend as stupid.  His lesson has been pretty cheap so far, and his failure to see the light is very typical.  Let's just hope they don't soak him for another few thousand before he gets out.

There are three HUGE red flags here (lots more than three really, but three that are easy for anyone to spot, even if you're still wet behind the ears):

They claim they use private couriers for speed and safety, but that's almost *always* a tip-off that they're trying to avoid U.S. Postal Authorities.

They claim they aren't MLM.  That's a favorite... but if your sales are feeding an upline in any way (regardless of the latest twist on the pay plan), you can be darn sure it's MLM.  (That isn't to say every MLM on the planet is bad, but if they claim they aren't and they are, you've got a problem.)

They claim to be direct sales, selling their product to the general public.  It isn't too hard to figure out that "the general public" isn't going to spend $1295 or $1395 on a "self-improvement product" (for the most part), and the only people buying are people who want to use the product to make money; i.e., that makes the dealer the customer.

I could have saved almost $30,000 if I'd had the smarts to listen to the many people who warned me.  They pointed out oddities all over the place, but I knew better.

Don't be a knucklehead.  If there is any little niggling doubt at all, run screaming into the sunset and wait patiently til the company collapses (or gets escorted offstage by the feds).



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