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Friday, February 18, 2005

Just ONE Baby Step Forward

Kiddies, for seven years -- count 'em, SEVEN! -- I have had a successful business, marketing, and scambusting forum and a reasonably popular web site.  (Yes, the forum is successful; Google ranks it as 5/10, right up there with the best of 'em.)

And for those entire seven years (with two short-lived but notable exceptions), my income from the site has held fairly steady, ranging between about $500 and $1200 a month.

I've been satisfied with that because all I've had time to do is dabble.  I had an offline business that consumed my life, so I was okay with making that kind of money doing virtually nothing except maintaining my board.


Reality is busting my door down!!

My offline income vaporized a month ago, and I have a total of two more months to turn my internet businesses into a living wage or I have to go back to doing something I absolutely DETEST for no less than 12 hours a day if we're going to make it. 

My daughter and grandson are nine, and I am absolutely determined... it ain't gonna happen!

I've been doing pretty well staying on track (that's a first!) -- no money yet but making nice progress (and I wasn't expecting any fast results in the money department, so that's okay).

But yesterday and today have been the pits.  I've been online since 4:00 a.m. this morning, and I have made ZERO progress.  Zippy, Skippy.  I've been plowing through 1900+ emails and having trouble with my connection (the icing on my brownie).

I was about to sign off and start school (we're homeschoolers)... and a little voice stopped me dead in my tracks (well, it wasn't so little -- it SCREAMED in my ear and I think I may be deaf, but I digress).

It shrieked,


So instead of signing off, I decided to give myself an extra 15 minutes (no great loss in the overall scheme of things) -- no emails, no checking my board, no whining about what didn't get done -- and getting myself ONE BABY STEP CLOSER TO MY GOAL (in this case, that meant following steps three and four in the Neil Shearing report I mentioned yesterday).

It wasn't a wasted morning after all!

Baby steps add up to big steps, and big steps add up to giant steps! 

It's so easy to get lost when you're working on the net -- it's no secret that's why I've made so little progress in seven years -- but I'm not going to let that happen anymore.  Thanks to just a tad of my daddy's obsessive-compulsive disorder, the little voice won't shut up.

Sorry to carry on so, but this simple little revelation has just blown me away.  (Yes, I'm demented, now you know).