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Friday, February 11, 2005

Great Biz Ideas (if you can SELL)

Don Alm has the most wonderful ideas for offline businesses!!

They're totally out of my league because all require having the kanoodles to go out and fearlessly SELL SELL SELL... but if you fit the bill and you're looking for ideas, you really don't want to miss

He never charges for the ideas (all of which are tried & true). He does sell complete plans if you want to buy one, but he also hands out an amazing number of FREE details. You'll never find a two-liner written just to entice you to buy a "how-to" manual.

For the latest, read this thread.

Just a note...

Don can be an extremely nice guy. At one point, I was planning to open a for-sale-by-owner used-car lot (his idea); he was incredibly generous with his time, and I will be forever grateful (even though I fell flat on my face with the first property-owner I tried to negotiate with and melted at the thought of trying it again, which I should have anticipated because my kanoodles are pathetic little shriveled things, but I digress). All I started out to say is that you don't want to get in his face or he'll rip yours off.


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