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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Every Market Is a Niche Market

A few days ago, Rick K. posted the following question on the Friends In Business Board:

"I'm currently trying to write sales copy for a website I'm building, and I need a Woman's perspective...

"You walk into a meeting, gathering, church, or wherever. You're dressed in your very best "Sunday-go-to-meeting" clothes. You're looking good, feeling very sharp.

"THEN, a woman walks in wearing the SAME IDENTICAL OUTFIT.

"Question 1.) How does this make you feel?

"Question 2.) Why?...

"Would this 'identical outfit' example extend into other areas, such as a woman having the same furniture that you do? Or paint her house the same color as yours?

"I guess I'm trying to find out where female rivalaries extend. Clothes, yes. But where else?"

Well, we all chimed in with our opinions, but only Mel. White came through with some really meaty stuff of the "grad-school marketing" variety.



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