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Saturday, February 26, 2005

MaaMaw's Musings: Stupid Blogs

Kiddies, consider yourselves warned:  "MaaMaw's Musings" means "Rambling Rant Coming." 

I've just recently started following blogs, blogs, and more blogs so I can bring you The Best Of The Bloggies.

I thought I hated all blogs, but I found out I only hate Stupid Blogs.

Do you have any idea how many marketing blogs are just one sales pitch after another? 

It really ticks me off to waste time reading what I think is a long-but-worthwhile article, then suddenly it smacks me between the eyeballs:  This is nothing but a sales letter!  This guy doesn't give a rat's ptooty about his topic, and for all I can tell, he doesn't know squat.

I don't mind the occasional pitch, and I don't mind affiliate links (hey, I'm not doing this for my health either)... but when you get the sense that a blog exists *only* to promote one product after the other and the articles wouldn't have been written except to sell something, then it's time to flush that blog right down the cra-- um, the commode.

Now that I'm getting a bit faster at weeding out the time-wasters, I'm feeling a lot better about blogs in general. 

There's a TON of stuff to learn, and I confess, with a few notable exceptions, I'm finding better information on the blogs than on the boards.  (I hate to say this, but it seems a lot of the formerly great boards have gone to hell in a handbasket; I suspect the spammers just got to be too much, but I digress...)

Next up:  Can somebody tell me how to keep from going completely INSANE due to information overload??


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