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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Proper Bloggiquette

I love the uncluttered look of the Thinking Home Business blog.

In this entry, there's a good article about avoiding "bad manners" while blogging.

The article happens to be talking about bad manners in blog comments, but the effect is the same everywhere.  I've learned all about it in the ugliest possible way on my own message board, where "bad manners" by unwelcome guests can wreak havoc.

"Bad Manners" are something I agonize over every time I leave a trackback ping:... If I'm not adding anything of value to the readers of the blog, should I be pinging or does it come across as "just leaving a link"?

I'm still trying to get my brain around all this new technology, and they tell me "incoming links" are a good thing for the other guy too, so I guess I'll keep on pinging until I get one of those verbal thrashings.

That is neither here nor there... but this is a good article if you need a gentle reminder or a smack upside the head.


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