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Saturday, February 26, 2005

TONS(!) of Blogging Tips & How-To's

Thanks to Buzz Marketing With Blogs for pointing the way to all these wonderful blogging articles at

First, the two that are mentioned in "Buzz":

The Top 7 Ways To Encourage Blog Interaction

Web Logs  (I didn't like this one as well... guess I'm more into specifics, but it does link out to many other relevant articles, so definitely worth a look-see).

Next, several dandy articles you're likely to miss if you use a pop-up blocker:

Set Up a Tip Jar or Donation Button

Ten Ways To Create Content

Writing Prompts & Ideas (don't skip this thinking it's an instant replay of the "Create Content" article; they're nothing alike)

Marketing & Promoting Blogs (not one of my personal favorites...)

Top 10 Tips On Promoting Your Blog (but this one's great!)

And finally, this really good one (I tripped over it on the way out, but it was well worth a smashed toe!):

Memes, Collaborations, and Projects
While we're on the subject, do YOU know what a meme is?

So much to read, so little time!!


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