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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Free Trial... Exclusive Mr. H. Interview Tapes

Since you mentioned Corey Rudl (or did I mention him?...)

There is a man known as "Mr. H." who has made a fortune on the internet (I know this from a reliable source totally unconnected to Corey Rudl or Mr. H.) (although I am not saying he actually makes tens of thousands of $$$ a day... I can't think in numbers that big and I, too, have trouble believing it)...

In any case, he is doing something right because he's raking in the bucks, and Corey Rudl is now offering a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL of his Exclusive Mr. H. Interviews.

This page will tell you all about Mr. H. and the interviews, but don't order from there.

Come back and go to this page to get your 30-day free trial.

Kiddies, I have *not* heard these tapes myself.  I'm waiting for mine to arrive.

Normally I don't even mention a product until I have first-hand experience with it, but this is a no-lose proposition and a limited-time offer, so I decided to pass it along for anyone who might be interested.