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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Typing "Site:" Into a Google Search

This is SO dumb I'm almost embarrassed to put it up here like some kind of major breakthrough, but it's new to me so maybe... just maybe... it's new to at least one more person in the whole entire universe.

Did you know if you type "site:" into your Google search, you will get all the places that link to that site?

For example:

Whoa Doggy!  (Okay, so you probably knew already, but to me it's a definite "Whoa Doggy!")

Blessum yewz for this one, Steve MacLellan!



P.S. See BLOG BOO-BOO a few entries north.  Geeez!  Leave it to me to share a "Whoa Doggy!" moment and get it wrong!