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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Oh WOW!!... If You Aren't Using Trackback, You Oughtta Be!!


Yesterday on my own board, The Tim told me that all us "marketing bloggers" are "misusing the medium."  Well, The Tim, you can stick a sock in it, because I'm addicted!!

Thanks to this fine article at Blog Business World, I found out there was a way to add Trackback to blogs hosted on Blogger (not that I knew what a trackback was, mind you, but just knowing it was out there waiting for me inspired me to hunt it down and claim it for my own).

Thanks to Timothy Lee's article on his Land of Opportunity Blog, I was led to an incredible three-part video tutorial that turned on that little bitty light in my brain that printed words can't touch.

And last but never least, thanks to Steve MacLellan's expert and always-patient guidance on his blog and on his board...

I am now a trackbacker!

I'm off now to test my new skill as I ping those three blogs (I hope) (there's gotta be a first time, right?).

Really, Kiddies, if you aren't using this on your blog, you're missing out on something really big.